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Thank You From Nicholas!

In tears of joy and sheer gratitude Sunday nite while catching up with my emails…so many people responded to Nicholas’s Bday announcement…it made me wonder if you did a “Shane’s Wall” (you know from the L Word – I know a little creepy but think of the same architectural concept – not for salacious entertainment.) I’ve often wondered if you could count up every human being he’s touched and in what way, from medical, to the intern that was on rotation for that week in the NICU, to the radiologists who had to give him KUB (exams of stomach) – all the nurses, the hundreds of families that came and went during our 158 days in the NICU, all the specialists, consultants, surgeons, OR staff, his team of therapists, speech, augmentative, occupational, behavioral, music, playtime, then home schooling teachers… like how many people have laid hands on Nicholas in his young little life? And then add each and every person that’s seen the film… from all its many festival screenings to Showtime’s Mother’s Day premiere of the film, to all the endless airings, and then students who watch it in curriculums around the country…and just now through Wolfe Video all downloadable viewings on Netflix, iTunes and “little man” just got picked up for Hulu. It just blows my mind when I think of how far reaching his ripples in the pond gently lap against an infinite shore line filled with strangers who become family the moment they look into his beautiful eyes, watch him gut laugh, or simply play while singing a Bach’s Adagio and I mean he sings every instrument! He’s the great uniter and has brought so many of you into our lives for which we are truly thankful. Hope you all had a heckuva weekend!!


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15 Responses to “Thank You From Nicholas!”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I just watched your documentary on Netflix and was amazed by your strength, endurance, and courage. I can not imagine the ups and downs you have gone through. Your family has earned every jewel and castle in heaven.

  2. jennifer says:

    your movie changed my life. my wife and have seven kids and times are hard with money, time for eachother and everything inbetween but i really feel truely blessed. thank u! your family will be in my prayers and thank u for making the movie that will touch so many lives. thank u!

  3. Jan Lassiter says:

    Dear Nicole,
    Approx. 6 yrs ago, I saw your movie Little Man when I really needed it. My son and daughter-in law were living through the same relationship hell that I saw so vividly displayed by you. You wrote me back and asked how they were doing. Well, they did temporarily separate, but the love for that little boy was stronger than the old life they had. They went on to gamble again with a pregnancy and had another special needs child. Now, the great news. They are stronger than ever. The little boy is 7 with central processing problems and bad lungs, the little girl had great lungs but unfortunately she did have brain damage due to pregnancy complications. She has recovered with lots of intervention and surgery, her brother is progressing well with lots of proper educational diagnostics and great tutors. But, most of all, these two children adore and protect each other. Their parents have the most honest and stable marriage of anyone I know. They have faced the death of their relationship as they knew it and replaced it with something worth so much more. Their children have taught them what courage, determination and love can do. There is something very personal and intimate about facing the death of your child or the potential outcomes that the family will live with. My 2 little grandchildren have shown the empathy of adults, the wisdom of sages and the courage of warriors with grace. Thanks for the documentary that did not gloss over the real challenges to the family and relationships. I am so glad Nicholas has graced your family and that your relationship survived as well. As to Gabrielle, she will undoubtably be something extra special due to her experiences. Thanks again for the honest portrayal

  4. Kelsey says:

    I just watched this on netflix. I was truly moved but the entire thing! You have a gorgeous family! Makes me appreciate the good health of my son, also born early (only by 4 weeks though). I truly hope you all live a happy & healthy life!

  5. Megan says:

    I just finished the movie on Netfliks and I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I don’t even think words can be formed. Several years ago, I too was living a medical hell with a child. My hell lasted 4 hours and 12 minutes. Robert came into the world without a forehead or most of his brain. I couldn’t bring myself to sign the DNR. I spoke with my husband about everything, hopes, dreams, all shattered. This was our first child. We signed the DNR and decided that it was left up to Robert and God. Robert left us. My heart has remained empty in the slot that was his. Your movie has touched me in ways I can only thank you for. I can’t wait to stay tooned and watch as your glorious gem continues to grow and learn. He was blessed with amazing parents and a truely terrific sister! Best Wishes~

  6. Jennifer says:

    I just watched your film and my heart and soul are filled with so many emotions. We too have lived a tough battle with a twin pregnancy that was given the not so hopefully outlook with the medical community. Our son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Esophageal Artresia and our daughter with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome at 18 weeks. Sadly our son passed away just before 22 weeks in utero and then the real fight for our daughter began. I delivered Dylan at on May 5th despite all attempts to stop preterm labor. Miraculously Zoe did not deliver and our amazing doctor kept me pregnant until exactly 36 weeks. Zoe underwent her first open heart surgery at just 7 days old and her second at 6 months old. After many battles and hospitalizations, Zoe just celebrated her 1st birthday on July 4th. Every day we have with her is a miracle. We know what you and your family go through, we live this journey too. Our daughter is a testament to HOPE just as Nicholas is. Thank you for sharing your experience with the world. No one can ever understand the magnitude of what families and our warriors endure unless they themselves have been there. I have not updated our blog in quite some time (you know how tiring it is to relive over and over at times) but if you’d like to learn more of our journey please visit us at

  7. christina says:

    Beautiful laugh you have – all of you. Your story will be in my heart always. Thank you.

  8. Cathy Chandler says:

    My husband and I are watching Little Man on Netflix right now, and so much of your journey was ours, too. Our son was born at 22 weeks 2 days and we spent 238 days with him in the NICU before he was able to come home. He’s 3 years old now and doing really well, but he faced quite an ordeal in the hospital (5 surgeries, a chest tube, and the usually laundry list of all things breathing). I cried watching you facing the ordeals in the NICU, and I laughed watching Nicholas put on his first pair of glasses while flashing back in my head to the first time my son wore his.

    Thank you for letting people know about the alien world of raising a micropreemie. Like is mentioned in the movie, it’s a club you belong to but hope no one you love ever has to join.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    You guys are absolutely AMAZING. I just finished watching “Little Man” and wow….I am absolutely blown away at your strength, courage, and love. Seeing your little man smile in your documentary made my heart just melt each and every time….what a handsome little man! I applaud both of you, as parents, for all of the things you have done for your children. You are amazing souls and I am truly amazed by both of you. Your story has truly had an impact on my life. Prayers to you and your entire family. You are truly inspirational people and I thank you so SO much for sharing your story!

  10. Jazmyn says:

    Oh my gosh I just watched the documentary on Hulu and it made me ball my eyes out. Your love and passion for you little boy inspired me.I have a little brother that had seizures and it was hard watching that scene because he looked like that when he had his first seizure. But I’m thankful you made this movie it opened my eyes and it made me ecstatic to start my nursing career.

  11. Shane says:

    I just watched your movie little man on netflix and I was very moved. I too along with my significant other had a boy born at a little over 26 weeks he weighed 1 lb. 15oz. and man this movie could not have portrayed the struggles, fears, tears, and happiness any better. Our son went through a series of blood transfusions and other things not quite to the extent of your son but all in the same very scary. I still remember nights when the heart monitor scared the crap out of us when we brought him home only to find that it was mis positioned. His name is August he is 3 now and we are very lucky and blessed that besides the acid reflux he had as a baby nothing else has been determined wrong with him and hes so smart and just a fun blessing in our eyes. Thank you very much for that movie it brought back so many memories I wish your family the very best.

  12. Jackie says:

    All I can say right now is breath taking ! Some where in the movie one mommy said something like have all of these words and yet can’t speak. Well that’s how I feel. You have all touched my heart forever and my wishes are for all of your dreams to continuing to come though! I think you are a inspiration for every one!. Now we need a copy of little man sent to every one in congress , The White House and all the world leader’s all over the World to show what love, parenting,family,and marriage is really like . I just love you all! Thank you so much!!

  13. Yoani says:

    I wanna say, thank you nicholas for teaching us what strength is.
    You are the most amazing little boy.
    God bless you.

  14. Erin says:

    I have just finished watching “Little Man” on Netflix. It is truly one of the best movies I have ever seen. The love you feel for your son (and daughter) is so strong it can be felt by the viewer. Nearly seven years ago I gave birth to our oldest daughter at 25 weeks and 6 days, she was just over a pound. You have captured exactly how it feels to have a baby in the NICU. I am going to tell everyone to watch this when they can, thank you for making this movie.

  15. Brandy says:

    I have to tell you this touched my heart in so many ways. My youngest brother James was 3 months early weighing at a little over 1lb as well. And in 1989 times were different. My parents were told pretty much the same, that he would never be able to function on his own in the world. Would be too much of a burden on the family. At the age of 14 days they decided that it would be best to let him go. I never got to meet him, kiss him, hold him, or even tell him that I loved him. I know our lives would have been different had that choice not been made. But our lives are not any better with out him either. I was 10 years old and after 33 years I still wonder how great my life could have been with him. I am so proud of you both for giving him a chance to live his life no matter the struggles. God Bless you all and my best wishes.

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